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澳门赌城网址大全:Iron and steel and coal have changed rapidly and the cyclical sector has become a breakthrough in the volatile market.

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内容摘要: today's market continues to adjust, stock index fell 0.89% as of this writing, the GEM fell over 2%, the disk is almost total blackout ink,...

today's market continues to adjust, stock index fell 0.89% as of this writing, the GEM fell over 2%, the disk is almost total blackout ink, only coal mining and Bank gains across the board.

is worth noting that in recent days the market continued to shock adjustment, stock index several times to refresh the low for the year, while iron and steel in order to coal and other cyclical sector show signs of stabilization, as of yesterday, since May 31, East Fortune Steel Index 11 10 days harvest candle, the cumulative increase of 10.60%; Eastern wealth coal mining index slightly inferior more, over the same period rose 1.42%, are much better than the broader market (0.09%)

industry believes that iron and steel, coal and other cyclical sector Secondary market stabilized and strengthened industry boom continued to improve cost-effective in the context of closely related.

According to media statistics, a quarterly terms, 32 steel industry listed companies, 28 companies achieved a total net profit of the reporting period grew, accounting for nearly 90%, of which 7 performance of the company is up by more than 200% From the mid-term performance forecast, the mid-term net profit of listed steel companies is expected to continue on a good basis in the first quarter.

Huachuang Securities said that it is expected that the current period of the mid-year report disclosure window to early July, the steel plate will be in the upward phase of emotional recovery, while the core target of the over-expected performance disclosure is expected to directly become a strong upward catalyst plate . In the process of gradual recognition of the profitability of steel enterprises, the valuation logic of the steel sector is expected to reshape and is expected to usher in the “double-click on Davis” where the valuation center shifts upward and the second-quarter results increase.

As for the coal sector, Cinda Securities recently reported that the growth rate of coal consumption in 2018 will continue to pick up in the phase of slowdown in energy consumption elasticity and superimposed energy structure adjustments, but supply-side capacity and inventory will naturally be overlaid with expansion investment. Weakness, the growth rate of output will obviously decline. In 2018, the gap between supply and demand will be further enlarged. At the same time, the global economy will be in a state of shortage of coal, and prices will continue to increase rather than stabilize in the expected decline or maintain a high level. As a result, the growth rate of performance continued to be high, and at the same time, the valuation of pessimism was obviously restored after the pessimism. With the performance exceeding expectations and valuations, the coal sector ushered in historic major investment opportunities.

investment strategy, Huatai Securities that we predict will continue to have follow-up initiatives to lower the cost of financing entity, nature of capital expenditure in the corporate sector will continue to demand the release of the next stage to become the largest market expected, the benefit from this The cyclical sector will be the breakthrough after the second-quarter market crowded consumption sector.

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, Galaxy Securities, as of the date of : 2018-06-14

risk Warning:

finishing this report published by the Institute of Oriental Fortune Securities based on the open market data for reference only, West Institute Fortune Securities can not guarantee data authenticity, accuracy and completeness. The contents of the report do not represent the views of the Fund of Heaven, and do not constitute investment advice. Investors should therefore operate at their own risk. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious.

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